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Plastic Cap for Ravelco Plug (Set of 2)

Plastic Cap for Ravelco Plug (Set of 2)

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If you have a Ravelco anti-theft device installed on your vehicle, this plastic cap from Legmar is the perfect solution to both carry and protect your Ravelco plug.  This cap protects the small, metal prongs of the plug and prevents debris or pocket lint from collecting inside or around the prongs.  It's also a super convenient way to store your plug on your keychain and not worry about having to find it.  

There are 2 ways to use the plastic, protective cap.  Option one is to attach the cap to your keychain using the integrated key ring hole and then just slide your Ravelco plug directly into the cap (no need to use the key ring hole on the Ravelco plug).  The second option is to leave the Ravelco plug on your keychain or quick disconnect and then use the plastic Legmar cap as just a quick cover to protect your plug.

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